1:32 PM, Monday, October 14th, 2019:
Well shit. They cancelled the event. After a summer of fighting to get my film reinstated (which, yes, that's what the locked truth entries are about) the whole 4-day event gets cancelled 10 days before due to a family emergency. Everyone involved is in a state of shock. I was flying Ray in for the Q and A. Just a complete clusterfuck right now... but I will be honest here: I cannot begin to express to you how relieved I am that the film was reinstated and announced before this happened. The reason it was pulled was due to a ridiculous set of miscommunications and I documented those, gave them to the promoters and they eventually agreed.
...but that really was the foundation. And I'm happy about it because someone took the time to read the proof. Someone completely uninvolved with the drama read everything... everything those involved decided to ignore... and finally just told them (paraphrasing) "uhm, this is bullshit, we wanted to show the movie before and your information is flawed. Sorry, we're showing it." I mean, duh. Although I CSI'd the fuck out of everything to prove the truth, you can figure out some of the lies within the first portion. It's one of the easiest stories to see if you're not involved and those that are involved are so worried about their stake they literally refuse to put their eyes on it. Like, trying to hand your phone to one of them and them saying "I don't want to read it".
Adulation is a drug to many. If only they knew how much of that drug they lost to Francis Buxton.
So I keep playing the song that runs through my head and I move on...
And I love Ray and am happy I get to hang with him for a few days.