10:31 AM, Friday, October 11th, 2019:
When I first saw Pete this spring I remember calling my dad and going "Uhm, holy shit. You see Pete? He's the nominee. Period." Dad agreed and we waited for the rest of the world to catch on...
...and then they didn't. I mean there was a nice bump and then he just kind of floundered. I was pretty stunned. It's SO OBVIOUS. He's the perfect candidate at the perfect time. And I'd be remiss (especially with this being Entry #1976) to not mention Jimmy Carter. He's absolutely Jimmy Carter. A breath of fresh air in the midst of a scandal ridden country tired of all the drama. Seem historically destined to be a one-term president, the GOP regroups... and then he gets pummelled in 2024. <shrugs> but what do I know.
There is of course that one caveat that is impossible to overlook: he's gay. Like, HERE'S MY HUSBAND gay. If you're against gay marriage? You're literally voting for a gay married dude. Whew. That's a bit more of a hurdle than "black" was in 2008. Yes, Pete is religious, but there's a massive chunk of people that will, not, vote, for him. Even racist people voted for Obama. Even racist people believe being black isn't a "choice". To the hardcore religious right, Pete is actively choosing to defy them and they will not be able to pull the trigger. This is a moment in our country for sure.
And can I just say for two seconds how weird it is they call him "centrist" because he's touting a public option instead of medicare for all? How the fuck did being reasonable about what is possible become centrist? A pro-choice gay dude is centrist because he understands how bills are passed? Fuck the media, man. This constant need to label is crazy.
Anyway, Talya and I were able to volunteer for him and got to basically hang with him and 2-300 people at a small theater. We even could've met him if we weren't so old and tired we wanted to go home and watch TV and sleep. LMAO. And the moment of the night that hit me the most?
Here's my husband, gay. Whew. I've never seen a more perfect candidate with such a massive albatross for half the country in my life. Again, racists voted for Obama... I don't see how the anti-gay crowd votes for Pete in the general. Ever. And minorities in the primaries? Fuckouttahere. I think he will surprise everyone and win Iowa, but I don't see how he gets past the minority issue much in the same way Bernie was done the moment he performed so poorly with minorities. We'll see. And if there was ever a better representative for the attempt to pull this off? It's Pete. He is spectacularly gifted. And Chasten is awesome. Like, they're easily the most likeable duo to ever be interviewed as a candidate and significant other. And of course the ornery side of me would LOVE to watch the religious right have a fucking meltdown with 2 gay guys in the white house...
...but it feels way more insurmountable than Obama in '07-'08. Time will tell. Hope I'm wrong.