10:09 AM, Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019:
I guess it was inevitable at this point. Gigs with Google, Google X... actually several silicon valley trips come to think of it and eventually we'd get to the beheamoth that is Facebook. My fucking lord is this company huge...
...and so controversial and so awkward to be there when Zuckerberg is in the news. You just kind of look around and wonder if the employees are all looking at the same shit on their phones that you are... right NOW. I mean, the "Secret" Zuckerberg tape about Warren story came up ON MY FACEBOOK FEED. You read it and then you kinda look up? Like you're being watched? So weird.
And I'm sure I've mentioned it before on here - but I love Facebook and have no issues with the lack of privacy (ahem, The Journey), but I am wildly upset about their inability to label fake news. They are a media company no matter how much they act like they're a data company and they NEED TO EDIT THEIR CONTENT. For fuck's sake. It's the only reason we have Trump. Fake news depressed voter turnout in the areas he barely won. Duh. Do something about it.

But the people that work there are all awesome and I had fun...
Kinda cool that a chunk of Fastest Delorean 2 was edited at Facebook... ya know? Was able to get a lot done in the hotel too. And what was gonna be a somewhat relaxed October suddenly got busy. Giddy-up.