1:39 PM, Monday, September 30th 2019:
So Vienna decided to have a Mo Willems inspired 7th birthday party which pretty clearly tells you who she is. Ya gotta dig it... 
That ending however made part of my brain split in half and I spent the rest of the party trying to forget it ever happened. I missed recording them eating cake. I missed eating cake. I nearly missed going to jail I was so angry and as I'm typing this I'm actually having a difficult time removing the curse words. LOL. I get it when they're 2 or 3 but 7?
Let's just say, that from now on? Vienna and Cam will be choosing 5 friends to go on adventure parties together so we avoid that situation. If I get into my true feelings about what happened at the end of that video I will regret it.
Fun party. What a cool party favor idea, right? Way to go Talya and Karen - you rocked that out! And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIENNA!