9:34 AM, Friday, September 6th 2019:
GolfKon tournaments have gone from events where the news came out with to the equivalent of a card game amongst buddies. A card game we only hold 6 times a year so we really want to win. But, it's all in our head at this point. We videotape the final hole so I at least have something to put on the video leader board which... well, now serves no purpose except to make newcomers go "WOW."
So here's this...
A comeback in a grueling 36-hole contest that literally elicits applause in 2015 gets a rousing "Yay." from Fred as he blew his chance at a major. I'm torn though, because I'm the only guy who can change any of this and I just don't have the time. I want a hole-theming event for Halloween next month and I can already tell you it won't end up happening because I just have too much other shit going on and zero help on the GolfKon side.
But I had to spotlight this moment. It's funny because if you didn't know the history you'd think the blase reaction was from the CREATOR always winning. Completely unaware that I've been on a 6 year drought for this event. It means so much to me to FINALLY win this after getting my ass kicked since 2013. Matt has just fallen off and now we're all contending again. Welcome to parenthood dude. It's hard. But in a few years you'll be back to normal and we'll all never win again. So collect 'em while you can boys!
Except Steven. Who, now 39 events in has yet to record one, freaking, win. Bravo.