5:27 PM, Tuesday, September 3rd 2019:
I've done several "100 hour jobs". Believe it or not some of the GolfKon videos were over 100 hours. The animated open for "Up & Adam" was around 100 hours. Construction is obviously so much more but good chunks can be done in 100 hours.

Rebuilding GolfKon in this videogame took me 100 hours and it may have changed the course of my life...
What's funny is there's so much more to what I did but it's so detailed I'm concerned with making it public - LOL. Did the whole front of the house, inSIDE the house... it's pretty amazing. Was pretty relaxing too. The great part about the Switch is since it's portable you just take it wherever to keep building. I could just take it outside with a tape measure to get everything perfect and then put it back on the dock to work on the big screen. Delorean being towed? Sit in the passenger seat and keep building. I got the whole thing done in less than 10 days like that. Of course the kids thought I was insane, but, well, that's how I work: insanely.
What they did like however was playing around their property in a VIDEO GAME. It's a uniquely Kontras Kid experience and as they get older they're going to be pretty stunned at just how bizarre their childhood is thanks to living with a modern-day Doc Brown, but I dig it.
Ya see what I mean? I'm supposed to be doing other creative shit like this. Not delivering a car. No matter how awesome and no matter how "Doc Brown" that seems? I'm under-achieving.

Soon enough... there will be more opportunities.