3:40 PM, Monday, September 2nd, 2019:
I feel like after 20 years, this might be the most LA thing I've ever said, but "Oh yeah, we live here."
This is a beach town. I mean it's RIGHT HERE. And you honestly forget. It's a drive of course if you live in LA - 45 minutes or so... but to anyone else in the midwest they're all saying: 45 MINUTES TO THE OCEAN? GO GO GO.
And we never do. The kids love it and we never do. Weird, right? Or is it?
It might be just us. Maybe? I mean there are people at the beach, but there's a mental block somewhere. It's like driving anyone to LAX. Everyone goes UGH. We spend too much time in our cars so we start making this radius of TIME around us where we don't want to go past that in our free time.

But sitting there watching the kids have a blast... and the couple we went with brought beer - forgot that was even possible since I'm usually nailing down all the kid logistics... but I drank a beer and watched the kids run around like crazy. Loving it. For like 6 straight hours. I almost didn't come because I presently don't have a functioning Delorean, but I just said "fuck it" and left it for tomorrow.
It was awesome. I really did disconnect. I enjoyed the sun, the beach, the water. And it was basically free (parking was like $25) but still: it was just nice. And here? It's nearly year-round. I just always forget that.
I'll try not to.