3:40 PM, Friday, August 30th, 2019:
In 2015 we had 5 big corporate gigs that required me towing the time machine all over and it was an absolute whirlwind. This year? We've already had 8 with 2 more remaining for the year.
What, the, fuck. These are massive events and I cannt for the life of me understand why this car is still so in demand. This video will shows just how far we've come in this being mainstream...
Again, I am thankful but I am bored. Talya got to go with me again so that was kinda fun... but we're just not really big into Vegas and end up just missing the kids. LOL. What can we say? We're home-bodies that like our family. And ask anyone who works on the road out of hotels... unless what you're doing while working is somewhat fulfilling, fun or beneficial? Then it's doable. Say, comedian on tour, etc. At least there's a moment on-stage you get to focus towards. When your job requires ZERO SKILL and none of your talents? Yeah man... it sounds like a dream until you do it so much you want to rip your eyelids off.
I did however get to build a bunch in my Dragon Quest Builders game. More in the next entry on that...
Now onto the EMBERS!!