10:15 AM, Friday, August 23rd 2019:
Let me start immediately by saying neither Talya nor I believe anything, and I do mean anything, is wrong with Cameron. A teacher and a specialist who was observing another child at his preschool a few months ago noticed what they thought could be an absence seizure in Cam as he was spacing off and wouldn't respond to them calling his name. It was long enough to concern them and they recommended we take him to a doctor and thus, he had an EEG a couple days ago. We literally won't know anything for months and again, we 100% don't believe there is an issue. However, this scene will be burned in my brain forever...
So what is it? Is it just him being a normal 5-year-old boy? Well yes and no. Here's my take, and honestly? I think it's a HUGE plus and will serve him well his entire life if focused correctly...
When he's concentrating? It's an entire mind/body thing for him. I noticed this in him at the earliest of ages. I remember when he was 2 watching him watch YouTube videos of Mario games and looking at his eyes absolutely darting around taking in every freaking thing like he was a robot. He's now, at least in 2D mario games? Nearly as good as me. I don't say that lightly, he's 5 and I'm REALLY GOOD at 2D platformers... but Cam's eye-hand coordination is beyond exceptional as is his unwillingness to give-up. As well? If he's concentrating hard enough? He won't hear you unless you physically touch him and hell even then you may have to shake his shoulder and say his name.

He'll do this with daydreaming as well. He'll be focused on something and you can say his name a couple times and he just doesn't hear you. Now, with my DAD voice? He hears me right away and I'm most certain the teachers at his school don't use that voice. LOL. At least I hope they don't. So I fully understand their concern and, well, like we're not gonna get the EEG, you know? I mean you have to at least see...
...but again, we know Cam pretty well. I youtubed the shit out of absence seizures and watched dozens of kids have them on-camera and it's NOTHING like Cam. Cam is exceptional at focusing EVERY PART OF HIS BEING on one thing, anything, at any given time and I have the same thing. I don't block out audio however and I think that just comes with practice and time. You learn to juggle more shit in your brain as you get older and he'll get there. But I don't believe for a second that there's anything wrong with him.
But this site has always been about documenting what I feel changes my character and undoubtedly seeing your kid in that setting is now a part of me that never leaves.

Welcome to parenthood.