11:47 AM, Monday, August 12th, 2019:
So we come to Cam's big day of entering Kindergarten at the appropriate developmental time and I gotta say? When you've been in pre-school for what, 3 years now? It just doesn't have the same impact. I mean, yes, I'll cry when I watch this forever...
...but I have to be honest in these entries and say unequivocally: we're just thrilled they're at the same school and we can pick them up at the same time. That is the joy today. And yes, as opposed to Vienna where I was annoyed she was held back because of a September birthdate, Cam is right on track and none of those concerns are here so it's just an overall YAY moment. And he does look quite grown-up and that's... ya know? No. I'm not gonna act like this is super emotional because I LOVE that they're growing up. Something about having kids one year apart is that the milestones seem to take FOREVER because they overlap. There's no real "approach/achieve" moment with each kid, there's one massive approach and while one is achieving the other is approaching so it doesn't really change and then the second one achieves and you exhale. Does that make sense? Like it doesn't seem to count unless both have achieved the milestone and then you progress as a family. So Cam finally being in Kindergarten absolutely feels like a FINALLY as opposed to a "where did the time go?".
I think I described that correctly...
Anyway, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Congrats little man.