9:35 AM, Sunday, August 11th, 2019:
I mean, it's pretty clear I have let go of the "perfect car" concerns with my Delorean Time Machine in comparison to other owners. I often broker deals with owners that won't let more than one person sit in the thing... I'm over here drag racing it and most times the car looks like it was beat to shit with years of neglect. Mainly because my car has been beat to shit with years of neglect.
And I knew this was a scene that could be "bad" but I was assured there'd be 2 employees from the "HARD Summer" event with the car at all times... it was up on a little stage and I've honestly left the car in more precarious positions than this. Was NOT expecting what I found...
Also add to that, nearly $500 of props were simply stolen. <blink> How the fuck? Now, I post this today because they have agreed to pay for everything and are being awesome and wildly apologetic. Waiting on a shipment of windshields from Delorean and that'll be an easy fix (if not a bitch to get my car to Huntington Beach and back for the fix). Pricey though - over $1000 to replace a windshield. LMAO. Fuckin' Delorean.
I also get new props and honestly - it's a good story. I mean, how the shit were people WALKING ON THE CAR? Like. I don't care how drunk or high you are, nothing about that car screams "WALKING ON IT". Especially the back, because there's hardly anywhere to stand! It's like walking over a toruture chamber. I'm stunned people weren't hurt. I'm stunned more wasn't broken!! I looked everywhere for dents, and alas - nothing. Must've been a light dude or dudette. Crazy. Hilarious the actual footprints are still there.
Yeah, crackin' me up. </sarcasm>
So that's that. It actually happened nearly a week ago but I wanted to be absolutely sure they were covering everything or this would be a dramatically different entry. They are, they feel awful. Might end up working with them again for EDC 2020. I will certainly have a few suggestions for crowd control.
<rolling eyes>
And the journey continues...