3:31 PM, Monday, August 6th, 2019:
It amazes me to write this, but July 2019 is this most locked month I've ever had. I mean, even during the Charlotte entries of 2002 or the divorce entries of 2004, the videos kept comin'. However July 2019 came so fast and so far out of left field and involves so many mind-fuckworthy moments that I can't even allude to it. Ya know? I can't even give the arena in which it's surrounding and honestly? May never be able to. It's that crazy, that fundamental to my being, my business, my career, my everything-outside-of-family... we all might just have to whistle past July 2019 at 12 locked entries and videos.
So here's a video addressing that...
 ...inspired by Tom Wilson of all people. I guess I can touch on that. I contacted Tom (yes, Biff from BTTF) during the insanity of last month. You may have noticed what he wrote on my page from 2 entries ago. That wasn't a coincidence. But beyond that he's been very cool to talk to me and share some stuff. He's infamously pretty wary of all things BTTF although he has gone out with Fox, Lloyd and Thompson as of late. He's especially wary of Delorean owners and he had every reason NOT to talk to me even though we've been connected on Facebook in one form or another for over 5 years. Anyway, he's a comedian/artist/singer... he posted this hilarious video a couple days ago:
...and it felt like a song was a good way to address shit in life. You know, how I've done for 20 years. Obviously Tom is far more tongue-in-cheek than I can be at the moment and it honestly makes it funnier to me. He is saddled with this image and he just jumps in and says FUCK IT. I do not have the balls nor would it be funny if I attempted to. I know who I am. I'm the dude in the first video. But I appreciate his talent and his ability to dick-wag with the best of 'em. We're gonna meet up soon and I can't wait to talk about LITERALLY ANYTHING BUT THAT MOVIE.
Alright August! Let's DO THIS!