2:48 PM, Wednesday, July 17th, 2019:
So some miscommunications (and that's putting it lightly) in France have lead to the previous locked entry and most likely the next 2 or 3. I can barely process it myself let alone give you some sanitized version. Just know that Talya and the family are A-OK. In fact when I told my friend Gary that there were some big problems with miscommunications in France he said:
Gary: "With your wife?"
Me: "No, no no... we're fine."
Gary: "Then there's no problem."

Heh. Ya know, in the long run he's right about that.
So for right now, what should be all these wonderful entries about the Q and A and the amazing people in France - I cut together the first minute of Fastest Delorean Part Two because this question (from the now legendary Sven Vossing) elicited so much emotion in me I can't get over it. It's the perfect bridge for the two movies because it encapsulates everything I've felt during this process since the first movie was finished. Validation... but also the realization that it did indeed make Kenny look bad and I don't see that changing with the sequel. This shit heavy as fuck and only the joy in my friendship with Don and our adventures post-movie will bring the film up. Whew. Here's the moment...
Wow. It's just perfect. Each time I watch it - I'm struck. The obvious laugh from the shock of it, to the "WOOO!" from the heartbeating... to the realization that I have to answer and realizing none of it's good. And in fact, it hurts me to hear Kenny talked about in that way. Not that Sven said anything most people weren't already thinking - but you forget about the impact when it's numbers on a spreadsheet. In a room of 200 people all laughing about the question? Wheeeeeeeeew. It's heavy. I'm in a different country and they're talking about KENNY. It's all just so much. I'll be happy to finish Fastest 2 and move as far away from this as possible.
For now I go back to trying to fix the Shakespearean level of miscommunications happening around me and hope cooler heads prevail and get ready for another adventure on the Universal Backlot with the Mayor! Crazy.