10:04 AM, Wednesday, July 10th, 2019:
So remember that "Laguna Fortuna" entry in May? That reallly nice client who let me stay at her gorgeous Laguna Beach house while I waited for a tow? She offered the house to my entire family for a couple of days while she was gone so the kids could go to the beach and have a fun time.


And while the mid-westerner in me kept thinking: "Oh, she's just being nice. Nice gesture, it would be rude to take her up on it..." I finally just said: "Uhm, yeah that would be amazing and I am absolutely going to take you up on that." I texted her a few weeks ago and the offer still stood and just like that we have a nice little family retreat.
Of course this came directly after the events of the previous entry that will remain locked most likely until my death. Haven't had to do that in like a decade. Suffice to say, although we are always the most over-anxious house guests on the planet (how can you not be with a 5 and 6 year-old), now we are in a STRANGER'S HOME that is so remarkably not a toddler house that I actually did find myself tip-toeing at times. LMAO. For no reason, just because I wanted to make sure it looked untouched. Jesus that's hard. I believe we did it. And I believe the kids had a wonderful time at the beach...
...our lives are really strange. Like, I watch this from the kid's perspective and it's so bizarre. We go on all of these weird adventures inadvertently thanks to RentTheDelorean.com and you don't really process it until it's over. And now we're about to get on a plane to France for another 5 days. Granted, the kids aren't coming to that but they will be soon enough and you barely have time to grasp WHY this is all happening. It all starts with that car. Granted, I certainly squeeze out the opportunities better than most who have that car but make no mistake, that fucker is the foundation.
After the beach we took the kids minigolfing at the Karate Kid "Golf & Stuff" location which somehow cost $50. Funny. I mean, this is completely me and Talya feeling bad for leaving the kids with Oma for a few days so we just fill every second with MCCARTNEY SEAWORLD BEACH MINIGOLF MOVIES so they don't notice it as much. That's probably coming to an end though as we really won't be going back overseas without them. I assume when they're both past 10 years old. We'll see!

Oh and if we die in a horrible plane crash just watch that "Remember Me" video from the last time we did this and cry your fucking eyes out I guess. That is indeed the strange part about documenting your life like this. You realize every entry could be your last and you have no idea what to say.
C'est La Vie.
C'est La Mort.