4:19 PM, Thursday, June 27th, 2019:
Will anything ever be funnier than this picture?
Here's what I wrote on Facebook when I posted that:
"This picture is worth TWO thousand words...
So to the left is Ricky Dean Logan who is unaware the camera is rolling and is telling QUITE THE TALE (that will remain private). Donald Ray is AWARE the camera is rolling and he cannot FUCKING BELIEVE that Ricky is saying what he is saying on camera. Don's holding his chest/neck like a southern white woman in the HEAT. LMFAO...
...and I'm wide-eyed and stunned that Ricky somehow MISSED me turning on both cameras and the audio? I do finally stop him and tell him the camera is rolling and we continue. And although that part is private, there will be quite a few gasp-worthy moments for Back to the Future fans wanting to hear the "scoop" as it were.
I mean, it's all stupid high school drama shit - there's never ACTUAL bad blood, it's a game, but it's dramatic nonetheless.
This will be fun to share soon."
And yes, that particular moment will remain private because it just has to, but the rest of the conversation has a whole lot of stuff to sink your teeth into. No punches held here...
Cannot believe I told everyone about the GOLF BALL!! Man, so much in there for people who actually watch the whole thing. That could be like 4 different entries. Wow.
Anyway, FRANCE IN TWO WEEKS! Can't wait!