3:38 PM, Tuesday, June 25th, 2019:
Can't believe it!

Yes! ALright let me write him a letter he won't read until he's an adult:

You are YOU. It's a pretty amazing thing to watch, but one day you notice that your kid isn't going through a phase, isn't just being strange... he's being himself. And a lot of it? Is never gonna leave you. I was who I was very, very early. I look back on the things I did before 10 years old and think "yup, that lead to this" (whatever I do now). Watching your determination in nearly everything you attempt is a joy. You are fearless. I mean, not really, you're still 5, but for 5? You're fearless. You think you can do things and you usually can.
Now, granted, it's because your mom and I have DRILLED IT INTO YOU every second, but you're listening (no matter how much we tell you you're not) and you rarely give up. It's pretty awesome. Yes, right now it's Mario and baskteball, that will surely change in time, but your focus is second-to-none. So much so that your teachers thought you were having an absence seizure and we couldn't really tell them "oh, no, he just doesn't listen to you if he's focused on ANYTHING else". LMAO.
So congrats on the big 5.5. We're so proud of you we can barely stand it. It should also be noted that you are at PEAK FUCKING ANNOYANCE to us right now with your constant singing and noise making. Like, we're gonna lose it dude. Let's hope that subsides a bit by 6.5