2:31 PM, Thursday, June 13th, 2019:
There's something very peculiar about watching your children when you're not around. I wish there was a word for it. Lemme make one up: pranxiety. That feeling where you're proud but you're also a little uneasy because they're literally MADE of you and your significant other... and they're just being them. So every tiny subtle moment is a culmination of choices you've made, that they've taken and run with. You hang on their every word because you're just not sure where they're going. This is how it felt when my dad told me that the kids were excited about the poison exhibit and they talked about it SO much that my dad started filming them. This is the result:
That ENTIRE VIDEO is pranxiety exemplified. I nearly held my breath the entire time because it's clear Cam is in this zone that he's never in with us. There's a hierarchy with your parents, but here? He was an equal sitting at the table (seemingly drinking coffee, though it was cocoa) discussing what clearly had spectacular effect on both of them. Now Vienna often talks this way, she's always had this old soul thing with her, but she's super shy on camera. Cameron still plays "baby" quite often so seeing this was just a shock. Then you tear up a bit. Then you laugh... it's just amazing watching what is truly just an amalgom of everything you've ever said to you children as a parent get spit back outto others.
I mean, get used to it, right? Like - watching them perform or do anything from this point on will have the tendency to give you that same lump in your throat. Me being a tragic empath isn't gonna lessen it either. I gotta watch it again.
The pig died, so it was really sad.
Oh GOD this slays me. What a precious video.