4:50 PM, Thursday, June 6th, 2019:
I'm still kind of stunned that the very first time these two played each other, the game was this good. Good enough that I went ALL out with graphics and everything. Enjoy what might be one of my proudest moments: my father and son playing GolfKon.
Granted, my dad had an awful game... but for a 5 year old to keep their composure (something he failed to do REPEATEDLY AFTER THIS) is just so, so rare. It's extremely difficult to know you can get a Hole-In-One on Hole 2, and get a 6. Effectively adding 5 strokes to your score. The birdies he was able to pull off were amazing and for what seems like the very first time? Cameron really, really gets it. He's birdied every hole at one point or another. He has it in him and only maturity is holding him back from being consistent. He misses and he just hits progressively worse and worse shots instead of walking away and coming back and going through the basics again and again. I'll teach him that eventually... but for today? He legitimately beat my father.
And boy did it hit me. I built this! My dad and son are enjoying it... it's just a wild feeling for me. And ya wanna know how crazy June 3rd was for Cam? He not only beat his grandfather, he made a basket with a regulation ball on a regulation hoop (crazy strong for a 5 year old) and (also a first) he hit the ball over the house playing baseball in the front yard. All things he's never come close to doing and suddenly? Today knocks it out. Just stunning.
Some days are just good. Congrats Cam... here's to the future.