9:31 PM, Monday, June 3rd, 2019:
So my dad is rebranding his production company site, Studio Artists (https://www.sacolumbus.com) and wanted to make a video about how he got started in video production and assumed I'd be the guy to interview him since his first projects were with me. I thought that was pretty awesome and a good way to cement what was really my inspiration for "The Journey". All my video stuff started with dad. We talked for over an hour, but here's just a bit...
I did leave out quite a bit about his background but I'm saving that for him on his site. I was just happy to talk about those early projects with him after nearly 30 years.
Wow. That's amazing. It's what will most likely make me piece together my audio journal (with snippets of video) for the years 1990-1994. I mean, we've gone this far, no? Let's document EVERYTHING.