8:31 PM, Tuesday, May 28th, 2019:
Am I alive? Have I made it? The past 2-3 weeks has been non-stop travel and emergencies with the car. It still doesn't work and I've accepted that tomorrow I will have to tow it to another gig. Yesterday was the Memorial Tournament... I mean, I'm spread so thin. I miss my family. I'm just freaking exhausted. I feel like I have been since Fastest Delorean started. But this entry is about the Akron Rubberducks...
...and I can't tell you fucking anything. LMAO. Here, this'll help...
I can say this: it was an absolutely awesome day surrounded by two very, very, very difficult travel days. But when it's all said and done, Don and I will remember this day as one of our best adventures ever and I honestly can't wait to piece it together as part as Fastest Delorean. It's reminiscent of the drag race days (although clearly not as "important") and it really helps the transition of the movie from the car to the friendship.
Somehow I have to merge that all together and I'm quite afraid to start, but knowing me I'll knock it out in about a week once I get one eureka moment. That's usually how it works.
So yes, this entry suffers because normally I'd house every bit of goodness in it, but you'll all just have to wait. Believe me, it'll be worth it.