7:42 PM, Tuesday, May 21st, 2019:
The car is safely located within Google X (next entry) and I can focus on what was indeed a wonderful visit from my favorite Delorean clients...
I literally couldn't hang with them after about midnight. I have no idea how I even made it that long. I went to grab an uber outside the bar and it was, ya ready for this? $60.
The fuck? We're talking 3.5 miles. So I just started walking. I made it maaaaaaaaaaybe a mile before my body was extremely angry with me. Like I was gonna fall asleep on the road. I tried Uber again? $7. Let that be a lesson to everyone out there. Walk to a neighborhood if at ALL possible and you'll most likely get a normal fare.
But yes Andrew (the only dude who was there last year) and NC Tech are just the most fun. We laughed all night (ironically directed at someone in our group - LMAO) and I was so drunk by the time I sang Superstition I'm once again stunned I was able to stay on key.
NC Tech will be back next year, I'm guilting them into renting the Delorean this time and I'm making certain Talya can be part of the festivities. As much fun as that was, I hate not sharing it with her. The kids can stay at her mother's and she needs to get to know these peeps as well as I do.
Thank you NC Tech!!!!