9:26 PM, Saturday, May 18th, 2019:
The video really does say it all...
I know everyone reading/viewing this has to be saying: "Really? You weren't expecting your son to be a performer?"... well my daughter isn't really. She is at home when she's being a goofball but she'd just as soon skin a knee than stand on stage. She abhors it. And, much like I was at his age, Cam is pretty shy in front of people. Like - this is preschool. Those other kids are being COMPLETELY normal. Cam is absolutely the odd man out on that stage...
...which of course, being housed on this site? Holds a little weight. Heh. I mean, I would assume anyone who has peeked in on the Journey for the last 20 years sees this and expects more of the same. I don't doubt there will be more, but I'm quite reserved on all of that. It's special that he can be natural and goofy onstage, but that doesn't actually mean he has a talent for performing. Hell, half of the time he was just trying to kick higher than everyone because he's competitive. Ya know?

Also? We won't push it at ALL. In fact we will probably hold him back a bit from all things showbiz unless he has some intense undying focus towards it. He likes a bunch of stuff so I think we'll be fine, but there's just no way Talya nor I will expose him to this business at a young age. That doesn't mean he couldn't do well... but if it's truly in him? He'll get there eventually.
In the meantime I'm glad I was able to capture his first walk onto a stage and the moment we realized he was a performer. That's a special gift and one that we get to enjoy his entire childhood.
Go get it Cam!