1:09 PM, Saturday, May 11th, 2019:
The amount of people I wouldn't know had I not built GolfKon is disconcerting to say the least. Check this out...
I didn't mean for this to be some big inspirational entry/video but I guess there's a lot of my life that can be viewed that way. I don't really realize it in the moments, but I take some rather WILD leaps of faith that even when they blow up? I squeeze out some lemonade and avoid the total loss...
...but the truth still stands: "The Attempt is Everything". I just always try. And even the failures put me in a new place or give me some ideas. I'm stunned at how many people simply don't attempt anything with the risk of failure. Attempt it! I mean, don't you all get bored otherwise? I cannot fathom doing the same shit all the time. In fact, as I've said quite a bit in the journey lately, I can't stand what I'm doing NOW. As cool as it looks from the outside, the stress is just too much. Fuck that car dude. I'm having starting issues AGAIN and I have no idea why.
But the nice thing is I've had a bit of time lately to work on the course. Getting it all souped up for what will eventually be me trying to get the Foo Fighters here. See? Another attempt. Chances are very good that it fails... but to not try? Whew.
Can't imagine not trying...