10:49 AM, Saturday, May 4th, 2019:
I will attempt to make light of this, but I'll be honest... my mom fell harder than I believe I've seen anyone fall since watching YouTube videos of stupid motherfuckers doing Parkour. Lemme just get past the video (which is NOT of her falling)
Cam. HA. How did he hurt himself doing it the RIGHT WAY!??! AHHHH. I guess it's in my family's genes to just get hurt.
So yeah, my mom believed SO INTENSELY that the countertop was really there? That she leaned on it to knock some paper off of it. Then lost her balance... and seemingly took 2 or 3 steps while falling to make the impact of her face hitting the wall as HARD AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Thinking back now I'm actually laughing and truth be told I was laughing while trying to help her because it was just so randomly awkward? Violent? Seemingly on purpose?
Shatters the screen inside the Vive Pro, yet the housing is OK which saved her face really. But then she hit the ground and has a MASSIVE bruise on her arm. Oh it was bad guys. I mean it was really bad. I really believe it's the wireless set-up now that made that possible. Without ANY cables? You really do lose yourself. In fact I think an omni-directional walking pad is going to be an outright necessity as this technology gets better and lighter. You have to presume people are going to fall over and will need to either be in a padded room or be surrounded by a railing of some sort. Maybe even a contraption that tethers you to the ceiling while your feet are free to simulate walking. Because this wasn't just my mom's WILD LACK OF COORDINATION, it's that real.
It is kind of her lack of coordination though. Still laughing.
So yeah, my mom is out of the VR game for good probably. It's too bad because she legit LOVED it. She was having a BLAST doing the little jobs in Job Simulator. Smiling and dancing back and forth as she cooked the food... it was really cool to see.
Oh well. Glad you're ok, mom. Also happy you enjoyed the kiddos. Until next time.