7:48 AM, Saturday, April 27th, 2019:
I just can't stop shaking my head about this one. It's what I love the most about having made RentTheDelorean.com and why I fully believe "Mayor & Me" would work as a reality show: making dreams come true and lifetime memories by simply showing up.
When Jay's family bought a "Marty Package" on the site, this wasn't even in the realm of possiblity... but magically it all came together:
Joan coming out (the neighbor to the McFly house who is always wonderful to me if she's home) and letting them walk up to the door? That NEVER happens.
By the end of the package Jay was beside himself. He was so excited he bought tickets to the Delorean Experience to see us all again in Marseilles this July. He held it all in pretty good while in front of Harry and Don, but dude was straight up STOKED. And I really didn't know until like 45 minutes before it happened that it was going to happen.
He'll probably never understand how fortunate he was to make that all come together at 11am... but my goodness I'll never forget it. Neither will he!
And now I get to clean out the guesthouse for two days. Yip-fuckin'-ee.