4:37 PM, Thursday, April 25th, 2019:
This is crazy. So Harry is randomly in town and the only time he could stop by was in the morning...

...where I just happened to already have had a Marty Package booked for several months now. One thing lead to another and both Don AND Harry met up and surprised the shit out of some random guy from the UK. I'll get to that in another entry, because having yet ANOTHER cast member christen the hole is just, well, noteworthy.
After he played the hole I wanted to sit and talk with him for a bit, but Don was being Don and honestly after a few minutes it was clear this wasn't happening... but the resulting 10 minutes is pretty perfect and I couldn't bear to edit it down, so I left it in! Love these guys. Can't wait to hang out in Marseilles in a couple months!
So NOWWWWWWWW the count stands at 10 with Marc accounting for two movies:
Cheers Themed GolfKon Bar: George Wendt (Norm Peterson)
Wheel of Fish (UHF): Gedde Watanabe (Kuni)
Wheel of Fish (UHF): David Bowe (Bob Steckler)
Planet GolfKon Hole 4 (Superman): Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen)
The Gopher Hole 6 (Caddyshack): Ann Ryerson (Grace, Baby Ruth Girl)
The Gopher Hole 6 (Caddyshack): Michael O'Keefe (Danny Noonan)
Golf To The Future Hole 7 (Back to the Future): Don Fullilove (Goldie Wilson)
Golf To The Future Hole 7 (Back to the Future): Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker)
Golf To The Future Hole 7 (Back to the Future): *Marc McClure (Dave McFly)
Golf To The Future Hole 7 (Back to the Future): Harry Waters Jr. (Marvin Berry)
Just crazy. Can't believe it came together so quickly. And HOW LUCKY IS JAY FROM THE UK! More on him in the next entry!