8:31 PM, Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019:
Man, I don't mean to shit all over one of my kids here, but Vienna beat the living shit out of Cameron on this hunt...
Now he did get more M&M eggs, she just somehow, incredibly got 7 of the 8 special eggs and solved ALL 8 RIDDLES before he did. Granted, she can read and Talya and I are convinced Cam is incapable of listening.
Anyway, this was Vienna's WHEELHOUSE. Cam was not ready for these kind of word puzzles and hopefully by next year he will be. Vienna really surprised me to be honest. I write in all caps so that's not easy - and she even attempted "Flux Capacitor". LOL. Flex Capture or some shit. LMAO. But good on her for just instantly trying to sound that out. And of course it gave her the jump to find it.
Congrats hon, it wasn't a competition but WOW. You knocked that shit OUT.