2:08 PM, Friday, April 19th, 2019:
So exciting to finally make this connection happen...
Marc doesn't live in LA... he happily lives about 100 miles away on a golf course and is the happiest person I've ever known. He's unabashedly retired and happy. Best energy ever to be around. He and Don are part of the band "Mr. Fusion" with Harry Waters (Marvin Berry) and Jeffrey Weissman (played George McFly in Parts 2 & 3) that played on the BTTF cruise in 2015. They have a gig in July so they're practicing again so it was a perfect time to get him back out and he actually played the whole course and happily beat Don's first score (Marc got -2 while Don got -1). But make no mistake, if Marc lived closer? We'd all be in trouble. He was (-4) coming into Hole 8 and could've easily gotten a (-5) WITHOUT EVER PRACTICING.

Just sayin'...

But either way, this helps my charity reel for future events and of course leads to the upcoming Foo Fighters reel where I show the celebrities that have come out. I'm still a little scared putting that together because I know that if I do it right, they'll be in my backyard. That's a lot of pressure.
FOR NOW! We celebrate freaking JIMMY OLSEN playing minigolf in my backyard. Brings are list of celebrities to christen parts of GolfKon to 8:
Cheers Themed GolfKon Bar: George Wendt (Norm Peterson)
Wheel of Fish (UHF): Gedde Watanabe (Kuni)
Wheel of Fish (UHF): David Bowe (Bob Steckler)
Planet GolfKon Hole 4 (Superman): Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen)
The Gopher Hole 6 (Caddyshack): Ann Ryerson (Grace, Baby Ruth Girl)
The Gopher Hole 6 (Caddyshack): Michael O'Keefe (Danny Noonan)
Golf To The Future Hole 7 (Back to the Future): Don Fullilove (Goldie Wilson)
Golf To The Future Hole 7 (Back to the Future): Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker)
Golf To The Future Hole 7 (Back to the Future): *Marc McClure (Dave McFly)
That's absolutely crazy to me. So up next is a full redo of GolfKon because it's in bad-shape, but then eventually the "Danger Zone" since my contact last year with Kenny Loggins. He will also probably take years to come out because he lives even further away and it'll have to be a random chance moment. But as Marc proves, if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. ;-)
Thanks again Marc!