2:33 PM, Saturday, April 13th, 2019:
2 full days. Even enough to make a Greek dude sun burned.
There's no more obvious sign of parents of more than one child that they can literally do NOTHING for two straight days. We sat in the hot tub, we ordered food TO the hot tub, we stayed in the hot tub some more. Now, Talya has a bit of a different skin tone as me, so she spent a good deal under cover whereas my dumbass just SOAKED it up. I am red. But, I will stay brown. That's the shitty part about middle-eastern skin like mine: you never really burn. Sorry white peeps.
So this gig was one of those golden gigs that to be honest, I couldn't always pull off like this. At the beginning I was so worried about my car I really did sit next to it nearly the entire time. As time has moved on however? Once the car was drag raced? Once my car was on fire? That has subsided a bit. I have never set up the car on a Tuesday afternoon and then sat in a hot tub until Friday morning. But oh goodness... that's what we did. It was wonderful. I'm thinking of putting a hot tub on GolfKon because it was so wonderful. I'm officially old now.
Now, the title of this entry was almost "Hot Tub Contacts" but the better title won out. However, that doesn't change the fact that the people you meet in Vegas while spending 9-10 hours a day in a hot tub are varied and pretty cool. None cooler than Hillary Hanak who is a DP that worked quite closely with the Foo Fighters and now has her own production company back east.
I told her about Hats & Minigolf (now Drinks & Minigolf) and how my vision of the Foo Fighters playing and having whiskey as a pilot episode could literally change my life. She told me point blank how to get a reel directly to Dave Grohl to which I said "I WILL FLY YOU OUT FOR THE SHOOT, HOLY SHIT." We've since connected on Facebook, and she was indeed not talking shit. I will have to put a new reel together KNOWING DAVE WILL ACTUALLY SEE IT, and I'm extremely excited about things again.
Now to keep losing weight even though my life is so awesome and all I want to do is bask in it and eat. Who knew crushing disappointment made dieting easier?