12:37 PM, Monday, April 8th, 2019:
The biggest joys of parenthood, so far, have been following your kid's leads to different adventures. I liked watching basketball as a kid but never really played. In 8th grade my school team needed a player and I filled in for a few games, but I never actually made a team or felt like part of one. I'm slow. Watchoo gonna do. I was also really good at other shit, so I went in that direction.
Cam is 5 and seems to be pretty determined no matter his height or age to do damn near anything - so we looked into a league for kids and, well, this is why I have a video blog:
I didn't want to extend the video another FIVE MINUTES because of that asshole kid who "fake punched" Cam but now that I have a moment...

...if my kid EVER fucking did that to a kid his age, I would lose it. If he did that to a pre-schooler? I would walk out on the floor, pick him up, and take him home. I'm a big fan of standing up to bullies - I think it's the greatest thing you can do in life and I've got a few stories under my belt... but when you're 9 or 10 and you're trying to intimidate pre-schoolers I kinda want beat the fuck out of you. This kid did it like 2 or 3 times before I caught it on film and I was calm about it mostly because Cam was oblivious. I also knew this was the first and last time he'd have to play with kids twice his age so that helped. But man... fuck the parents of that kid.
Now, the new place was awesome, the coaches were awesome and we've found a home for a couple months for SURE. The whole Back to the Future connection was funny, but not really a reason to stay there. No, we're staying because he will learn how to play the game. Competition will come, but I still think he's a year from that. Time will tell...
Alright, Talya and I are off to VEGAS tomorrow. ALONE! AHHHHH!!!! WHAT FUN.