4:17 PM, Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019:
So the first game I took the kids to, Cam was having so much fun (and Vienna was already walking around outside the arena with Talya because she was bored) that I pulled out my phone to buy the two of us some better seats. I told him I was doing it, I did it, and he was SO excited.
Then after I did it I noticed I completely fucked up and I got even WORSE seats. The app had me all confused. Staples Center is really weird with their seating. He cried. I felt really, really bad.

It was also a bit of a "entitled" moment for me. Like, I had to wait until my teens to see an NBA game, Cameron has LITERALLY never watched a full game on TV. Ever. So... hmmm. Part of me was like "HEY ASSHOLE, BE HAPPY YOU'RE FUCKING HERE DUDE."

But I also told him something was happening he was excited for and seconds later ripped it away from him. LMAO. All on me.
Well, to make up for it I jumped online and found some good seats. Like, touch the floor seats. And honestly? $119 a ticket (which means $300 for the pair after all the bullshit fees) wasn't that bad considering what BAD Laker seats cost. I knew this would be ridiculous and set the bar incredibly high for him, but I have to admit, it was fun...
So fun. I figure every year we'll go to just one game, but get good seats. Probably in the middle so you can actually SEE the fucking game. God I hate side seats or seats TOO close. I got into this argument with Don and our Rams Season tickets. It's cool once to be super-close, but as a fan of the actual game? Get me close to the center... 10-20 rows up for NBA, and probably 30-40 rows up for the NFL.
Anyway, awesome memory and he talked about meeting those mascots for days man. Funny what kids remember.