1:54 PM, Wednesday, March 27th, 2019:
One of my biggest concerns when approaching fatherhood, as humblebraggingish as this sounds, was that I cast a pretty intense shadow. It honestly makes me difficult to live with as a partner. Christ this is an arrogant opening. LOL. I do so many things effortlessly well that if you're at all trying to compare? It sucks. Obviously, Talya and I are very happy and have found balance but make no mistake, sometimes she wants to punch me in the face because shit comes SOOOOOOOOOO easy to me. Please let me get out of this paragraph...
...so with kids? I was always concerned this would make them feel awful. Especially with Cam, he will always be trying to one-up me (and absolutely will someday I have no doubt) and is it inspiring if he can't? Or is it defeatist for them? Depends on their personality of course. But I'm finally seeing that my concerns were silly and in fact my unique past is allowing me to help my kids in a ton of different areas because I've spent so much time in a TON of different areas. I don't have to push them in any one direction, literally anything they're interested in? I've done. Again, that sounds arrogant but man SOMETHING has to come from 20 years of The Journey and constantly reinventing yourself, right?
So when it was clear Vienna loved art and creating? Oh I'm right here girl. Let's go out and make something that never existed before...
I am so proud of her and our ability to make art together. THAT was cool. That was her day and I was able to capture it in a very "Adam" way that she can enjoy and also feel proud of. I've been teaching her more and more about layers and graphic art stuff and she takes to it so well. I'm thrilled that I have a background in something she's interested in.

Cameron is now basketball nuts and still loves video games, competition and bikes! I love just following their lead and seeing what part of my life I get to dive into for background to help them. I'm sure they'll go into an area I've never been before and I'll enjoy that too... but especially when it comes to creative stuff I feel like I can give Vienna a HUGE leg-up on "finding herself". Finding your passion can sometimes take decades but I really think I can help Vienna get there during her childhood.
If you haven't noticed, I adore being a father.