1:08 PM, Saturday, March 23rd, 2019:
What's this, a break? A few days off between gigs?
Everyone, we're entering insane territory when it comes to gigs. Our next gig is our 400th and our 27th of the year. April and May are already filled. We're easily on pace to make more than 2015 (which would be more than 2014, 2016 and 2017 COMBINED). I don't get it. They all run together in my brain, I'm exhausted and want desperately for it to slow down...
...but I have to play the cards I'm being dealt as the come because these fuckers WILL stop. I just keep trying to think of this as buying me MORE time later, but when exactly is that going to be?
I feel like I have to document this shit in The Journey, but isn't it boring?!?! I'm SO FUCKING TIRED OF IT. Although this was kind of cool...
We're pretty much down to shit like this now. Me bored at a gig and calling Don to come hang to make the time pass and posting TIRE MARKS because it's the only thing I haven't seen before. Ya know? Like, obviously there are FAR MORE EPIC THINGS on our gigs, but to me? Zzzzzzzzzzz.
But those tire tracks were fucking BADASS. Like, I wish I hadn't done it, because in my brain that's about a month or two worth of life on my tires, but WOW. That shit looked painted!!! I wish Don would've filmed me taking off. I cannot believe I was able to do that.
But yeah, that's it. I mean, including what we already have booked in April I'm averaging 10 gigs a month for the first 4 months of 2019. Dude. That's insane. In 2015 we were averaging 6 a month.
<blink> <throws hands up>
Again, I'll take it while I've got it but I'm beyond baffled. Trying to be appreciative. Trying to have gratitude. Reminding myself daily but anyone out there listening? Make me an offer and I will sell this business literally for the price of the car and say, 3 years income. You will make a fucking fortune. You will however have to be a mechanic.