1:08 PM, Wednesday, March 20th, 2019:
There's a very good chance that after what, 10 trips? We never go to Disneyland again. With the forthcoming Star Wars Land or whatever the fuck... the already awful lines and crowding seem destined to be horrific for years. Certainly, Jimmy no longer working there is a deterrent because, well, free tickets... but the last time the lines really, really, really kicked the kids' asses. At least with Universal, it's 5 minutes from our house and... well that's probably the only real plus because for all intents and purposes? Disney is better. The kids loved it equally though. Cue video:
A few thoughts...
1) I'm stunned Vienna did all of the 3D rides and had a blast.
2) Those front of the line passes were INSANE. Not sure we could ever go again without that. The kids are so freaking spoiled now they thought SKIPPING THE LINE TOOK TOO LONG because they still had to wait for all the videos and stuff to play before the actual ride. THAT is how good it is to have fromt-of-the-line passes.
3) They're still a bit too young for some of the coasters and of course nearly all of Harry Potter. However once that time comes? Oh yeah. I can see them digging this.
4) Considered a season pass, but man... there's just not enough shit to do more than once a year. Weird, right? Like at Disney it totally seems feasible but at Universal it seems like they'd be bored to teards and we would've just wasted $800-$1000. We'll wait.
5) And finally - could it be our kids will just bored of amusement parks in general? Cam is in this phase of hating to walk anywhere, ever. It's annoying as fuck. I'm sure it will pass, it's certainly not an energy thing, it's just a whiny kid phase. Vienna had it for a bit. But even once that's all over? I can see us just not going to amusement parks... ever. The kids love camping or swimming as much as anything... ever. As family activities go - I'm feeling more drawn to simpler things where we get to make shit up rather than having it be so overwhelming. We get overwhelming enough at home with all of our toys. Maybe that's what happens when you have a VR rig and a home theater - AND A TIME MACHINE IN YOUR BACKYARD... your vacations becomes simple shit like a nice hotel room and a pool. <shrugs>

I'm cool with that.