1:47 PM, Tuesday, March 19th, 2019:
The more time that passes the angrier I'm getting. Of all the ways I've envisioned the business ending I never thought of this. Going up a canyon road during a gig 3 skateboarders fly around the corner and miss my car by inches... if not ACTUALLY TOUCHING my car as they fly around. One of them jumps off and starts yelling which allows the 4th dude to fly off-road and the remaining two have enough time and space to get around me as I've practically stopped.
What. The. Fuck.
I could've so easily killed one of them. My car is a jagged collection of sharp stainless steel. Fault doesn't even matter, it would've ended everything. I already feel like I'm one big accident and/or fire from just saying "FUCK IT. I'M DONE." And this? Jesus fuck. The guy who was with me nearly shit himself and I started shaking because... I had no control whatsoever. I was ALREADY HUGGING THE RIGHT SIDE of the road because those canyon streets are SOOOOOO tight... but those idiots?

AND JESUS CHRIST WHY IS THIS FUN TO YOU? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? Is this some YouTube generational thing? Fuck. PUT THEM IN JAIL. This is so wildly dangerous. It could've ruined so many lives.


Ahem, moving on.