1:02 PM, Monday, March 18th, 2019:
This will seem like a humblebrag, but hopefully 20 years of NOT doing that will suffice as proof that I'm not suddenly starting now.
It is actually painful for me to spend money if it's not for something we absolutely need, something I need to create or fix shit, or for the kids. And in EACH of those categories my mind races like a computer fighting the urge trying to think of more efficient ways to complete the same task WITHOUT spending money. It's pretty much the secret to my success. I can do more, with less, than anyone I've ever even heard of. If you saw the tools I used to build the guesthouse or GolfKon... it's crazy. My body has paid the price for that, but I'm still kickin'...
...however RentTheDelorean.com is now SO busy I just hate everything. We're coming up on our 400th event and the thing is? My life is no different than has we only done 40. Well, my free-time. Basically, since I don't spend any money, we don't live in a bigger house, I don't drive a better car... I feel no difference. That starts to weigh on you. You can only motivate yourself so long by just saying "I gotta keep doing this because it may go away at any moment." At some point it has to equal some TANGIBLE EXPERIENCE OR THING that makes all the hard work feel worth it.
So Talya and I got really good seats to a Clippers game...
...for fucking free. I mean, jesus. I happened to do a survey for them and suddenly get lower level seats like 15 rows up? Huh? And of course this is how the game ended:
I've seen Jordan MISS a game-winner live, but I've never seen an NBA game-winner live. It was really, really fun. And of course, free. LOL.
Listen, I'll still do little things but the truth is? Until my mortgage is paid off my brain still feels like I'm struggling. That's got to be the craziest thing anyone has ever said that lives in LA. Housing here is INSANE. No one at 43 has their house paid OFF.
But for some reason? That seems like the point where I can exhale. And I guarantee if I ever get there I'll still act exactly like this. Sometimes, you're just you.