2:36 PM, Monday, February 25th, 2019:
And here we go...
Man. This is gonna be a difficult edit. Not as difficult as the first one, but as of last December, after every attempt to reconcile the Kenny side of things, I have no other choice but to tell the truth. I know it seems insane that I have tried to hide it for TWO YEARS but I cannot begin to tell you how badly I wanted the story to be a DIFFERENT STORY. And now that I'm getting so much feedback on the first one with people presuming all sorts of shit since I left out so much? I really just have to lay it all out there so I stop getting inundated with "Hey have you and your brother made up!??!". I think once you hear everything you'll understand why that can never happen. Nor will you want it to. Ugh.
But, at least I have a trailer up! And I'm kind of in limbo until I get the final bit of footage in Akron at the end of May but everything is essentally shot. I just have to piece it all together and find an emotional pull that was so easy in the first. The question of "will he get the record?" pulls the plot along at lightening speed. We don't have that here. What caused the fire? Are you still talking to Kenny? Did you rebuild? That's pretty much it... but thankfully that's a lot.
I just really, really, really wish it was over and I could move on because it's honestly bad for my health. It's a wretched chapter I don't really want to talk about again.
Yay! Teaser is done!