9:50 AM, Wednesday, February 6th, 2019:
Losing GolfKon for 4 straight years illicits no sympathy from anyone. I accept that. I accept that I'm alone in this entry talking only to myself. Truth be told, I'm doing that in every entry - but GOTTdamnit I'm so relieved to finally, finally win a fucking tournament after losing 24 straight. Twenty-four straight.
That's a lot.
It's also worth noting that GolfKon as a "thing" is clearly gone. The incredible tournament videos and interviews and charities, etc. Sure we throw a couple hundred bucks at something every once and awhile, but I simply don't have the energy anymore and it lacks the ambition of the earlier years. Believing in potential makes all sorts of shit happen... seeing videos I worked 100 hours on never get shared by the people IN the videos and having 40 views kinda just makes it all fade away.

That being said, it's still unique and fun. No reason to STOP, I mean we have a rich history now. I like longevity and as my kids get older maybe I'll find a reason to do the videos, etc.

Dunno. All I know is won this one. That's freaking awesome.