12:54 PM, Wednesday, January 30th, 2019:
I want to be happy for Don. I really do. But I'm honest-to-fuck just kind of annoyed with this. It's as bittersweet as it gets.
As friends, Don and I are equal. Even about showbiz stuff, creative stuff - he knows what I do, he resepects what I do and I feel the exact same way about him...
...but they're making a Bobblehead doll for 4 days of work he did 34 years ago. He finds that fucking hilarious because it's so far removed from who he is... but he'll certainly TAKE IT - right?
That being said, as much as it pains me to say it around him, he knocked Goldie Wilson out of the park. If you watch that scene, there's a bunch of ways he could've played that and he made really, really good choices and it made him unforgettable. It really did and he really does deserve to be remembered as such.
But there will be a moment in Akron in May where I will turn to him and say "Man, FUCK YOU and your Bobblehead bitch." It's jealousy. Here's the announcement video:
"Quack to the Future". Ha. Oh and, well shit I didn't mention - I'm going with him and I brokered a Delorean Time Machine to be there as well. We're even gonna try and pull off them announcing him as the star of "Back to the Future" and "Fastest Delorean in the World" as he throws out the first pitch. All for a final scene in Part Two. So yay - things are coming together and again I'm happy for him.