9:32 AM, Monday, January 28th, 2019:
Damnit, no one reading and viewing the journey would ever believe that I spend nearly identical time with both of my kids. So many of these last few entries have been so Cam-centric. It's a product of his interests being more video friendly. Grrrr. I will address that this year...
...but for now:
It's crazy come to think of it... Cam just took 3 years off of all things basketball. Once videogames came in he just wanted nothing to do with it. I mean he's never watched a full game... but he's definitely taking an interest now. Oh and I made the poor kid cry at the game.
So it wasn't long before Cam was like "so, can we sit down THERE?". Staples Center really sucks when it comes to that. They put all these luxury boxes where a normal "second section" would be and then EVERYTHING else becomes nose-bleed. So really there's the 100 section and the 300 section. Feast or famine. But once I realized Vienna was out... I figured - while Talya was taking her for a walk around the arena I pulled out my phone to grab 2 "better" seats for a game in a couple weeks. Bought 'em - told Cam we were sitting "down there" and felt like DAD OF THE YEAR.
Looked at my receipt and realized I actually bought seats FURTHER FUCKING BACK but in the middle. The arena map confused me because of that stupid 100/300 bullshit Staples did. I told him and he goes "Oh man, I guess you have to do it all over!"

And I'm like, uhm, no - it's final. We have to sit up here next time.

Little dude just cried. LMFAO. I mean, bless his heart he doesn't understand the economics of not wanting to spend $600 for better seats when he seriously has never watched one fucking game on TV. And if I'm ever watching a game, it's LeBron and we sure as fuck aren't going to see him for THOUSANDS. I calmed him down by saying we'd take the subway next time. He's 5, so that worked.
I'll find a way to get him good seats eventually, but he'd better REALLY LIKE THE GAMES MAN.
Time will tell.