4:09 PM, Saturday, January 5th, 2019:
Wouldn't be a new year without a Frangela hang. Unfortunately the TV feed was down their entire week. Stephanie Miller even came in during a break apologizing profusely and raising holy hell. The person responsible was fired it's ugly.

But damnit, I'm the first video blogger so you know I'm prepared. However, there was really only good moment of conversation (more to that later) and it was about Louis CK of all things. Lemme show ya that...
So the interesting thing here is all 3 of us know some of his victims, are publicly connected to them on Facebook and with every WORD being said it feels like we're risking those connections. Well, me anyway since I was defending him in a sense. This is why I would love to do a Hats & Minigolf episode with these two because they have great perspectives and I think I can pull shit out of 'em they tend to avoid. Understandably, they're being paid to do the Stephanie Miller show, not the Frangela show. They now have their on TV show and once you're in that world? You just have to be careful.
I don't.
But the above conversation is EASILY an hour of discussion that I'd love to talk with them about. But that's the other issue with doing their show now: the callers. Dear sweet JESUS. Pronounced GEE-SUSS! They play to the callers too much, they're often AWFUL and they care too much about how long they've been waiting. It's an old talk-show trap: seeing that minute count and feeling bad and responsible for that. Frangela can fill a show BY THEMSELVES and be interesting and awesome and much much better off. Callers are there to support what YOU are doing. And the past 2 or 3 times I've been on they just don't see it that way. And shit, throw ME in? We could really have some meaningful conversations. I don't know how to tell them that without being an asshole. The producer actually mentioned it to that at his other job they hardly ever take calls. Frangela does it the entire hour and it's just ROUGH. FRANGELA! YOU ARE WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR! You have the background! You have the personality! Doug from Trenton, NJ does NOT. LET IT BE.
But I love you both and will always jump in.
Happy new year.