8:51 AM, Tuesday, January 1st, 2019:
Stunning how long it took me to realize what I was filming. I'm so far removed from THAT Journey and Jess and I are so used to being friends... but as I set up the camera to capture ringing in the new year as two families it hit me. I'm starting Year 20 with a New Year's video much like we did 19 years ago and that would become a staple on this site for the better part of 2000-2010. And you really don't need to add much more than that. The video says it all...
It's funny as more time passes the connection to the beginning of this project does indeed fade. I was far more into the surreality of recreating the first video in 2010 for the documentary. Life just moved so far past that. It's very hard for me to care about my personal journey like I once did. I just don't. I care about my kids' journey more. Talya and I are one unit traversing the chaos of parenthood and our focus is squarely on them...
...which too will pass. As they get older you see it start. You remember who the hell you are/were and you tiptoe around those thoughts. But had you told me ten years ago, this would be the video that started the twentieth year of the journey it would've seemed like a wildly emotional moment. It isn't. We're all so used to this being our relationship for over a decade. It's just nice. And the kids loved it. They've never stayed up for midnight before.
Good times.
So I guess I should wax poetic about all that will be accomplished this year but honestly? I just want to get home, start the most myopic pursuit I can handle: weight loss, and refocus. Columbus is all things decadent and I'm ready to sign-off. LOL. SEE YA C-BUS! CAN'T EAT THIS SHIT ANYMORE. I LOOK LIKE I'M 55. Need to remind everyone who I am. That's my only goal as the new year starts. Once I get back to that (or am on my way) the rest will come together.
Happy New Year.