12:01 AM, Monday, December 31st, 2018:
The voice-over is a good starter here:
The year started with SO MUCH PROMISE. SO MANY THINGS PLANNED! Then the car caught fire and it was a struggle just to keep everything from crumbling... but I did and ended up on the Red Carpet for Ready Player one and me and Don adventuring all the way to Paris? What? And of course kids and new friends and absolute chaos culminating in brand new weight thresholds for me and the absolute resolution to focus on all of that as we hit 2019. Whirlwind year.
The bulk of what 2018 was will be the bulk of Fastest Delorean Part Two so it's strange to try and make a shortened version of it. But man, the fire defined it. It just made every second hard. So hard. It made every moment so much more momentous. It took what should be a celebration (with the doc being released!) and made it bittersweet because all it implied with Kenny and, well, now will be housed in the sequel because Kenny decided he no longer wanted to give his side. Jesus that's a few entries in and of itself if I cared enough about him to put MORE time into it. But I don't. I gave everything in 2017 and 2018 to help him look as good as humanly possible and he pissed on me repeatedly. Then he felt bad and wanted to give his side and then he didn't and then... jesus the constant lies and shifting. Where do you start anymore? Where do you stop? Well, thankfully I have a clear enough head and heart to tell the truth in the sequel to wrap it all up and do so knowing I did way, way, way more than most would have. Shit, people knew that with the first movie - wait'll they hear what REALLY happened. The shit I hid. Ugh.
Christ how did we get here? LMAO. I could go on for days with all I've kept inside me with that. It's unfortunate that it will have to consume yet ANOTHER year, but at least it will be with the truth completely out and that's when you can finally move on.
So yes, 2018 was stressful, and my waist-line proves it, but that's always a nice thing to focus on and I have an open field ahead of me to pull it off (providing the car doesn't explode again).
For all that was great this year, I am THRILLED to get rid of this year. 2019 is gonna be hard too, but the Fastest story needs to be finished. Better things await!
PS - and yes, that bedtime video is absolutely the best of the year. LMAO.