4:12 PM, Thursday, December 27th, 2018:
I swear this is how the kids will remember their visit to Ohio...
And can you blame them? Basements ARE magic. Carpeted steps?!?! A LAUNDRY CHUTE??! Fuckouttahere. Goddamned awesome. And that's when it hit me: I knew ALL this shit as a kid. The basement looked DRASTICALLY different when I grew up here and it was STILL magic. It's like a new house. Every time I came downstairs and my dad had moved stuff around it was so amazing. Open space to make cool shit. This latest go-round is probably the last change that will ever be since everything is so "Final" but it's still like an extra house. One our family would love OH SO DEARLY.
So the kids have spent the MAJORITY OF THEIR TIME running up and down these steps. Playing on these steps. Throwing shit down the chute... I mean it's like the FOUNTAIN at Disneyland that Vienna would play it the ENTIRE TIME if we let her. Even though we were at Disneyland.
We've also had Ritzy's and Donatos will happen soon and all the fun Columbus habits. Tomorrow is also COSI which I haven't been to in 30 years. So, just yay all around.
But holy shit, basements. Basements are awesome.