8:45 PM, Wednesday, December 26th, 2018:
So we've made it to Columbus, everyone's jet lag is alive and well and I have time to write the Christmas entry... the video will probably not be up until the 29th - but clearly it has been shot so I know what the edit is...
...and the edit is Cam losing his mind while Vienna barely cracks a smile because she always gets super quiet when she's happy. So pretty much for the rest of their childhoods these videos will be wildly unbalanced. What can ya do? We assure you she's happy. Promise. LMAO.
Yesterday was pretty nuts because it involved last minute packing and just trying to wrap your head around doing so much when your whole body just wants to lay around, do nothing, and play with your toys. Thankfully the Nintendo Switches, Smash Bros. and power outlets made the 4 1/2 hour flight FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY by for me and Cam (and Talya) and Columbus in and of itself screams RELAXING and OVER-INDULGING which is a great way to end the year for us.
More on C-Bus later, just had to get the Christmas entry done while I had a moment.
Now... when will these kids ever go to bed?!?! My guess is midnight. And with Legoland tomorrow, this is gonna be rough...