12:01 AM, Tuesday, December 25th, 2018:
So this kind of feels like cheating because I did this the same time as Vienna and I just USE Gerome. LOL. A little Gru goes a long way. But jesus, I have to do this for 18 years for 2 kids so sue me.
Heh. He'll remember this one more than all of them even the other ones take 5 times as long.
So Cam,
It's weird to write this to you after writing two Cam-centric gaming entries, but at the moment - that's where our bond is. You're also very funny and very aware that you're very funny. You have some performer genes, and you certainly value making Vienna laugh more than ever listening completely to us. LMAO. I should be angry but there's a part of me that's proud of it. You'll take one more angry word from mama if you get just ONE MORE laugh. I get it.
You're also extremely loving and sweet as can be. I was always so worried about you trying to live up to all the shit I seemingly do with ease, and I guess this doesn't lessen it, but seeing just how sweet and loving you are sets my mind at east a bit. You also KNOW HOW TO LOSE. I mean not always, but with as good as you are at gaming when someone does beat you, more often than not you say good game and keep trying. Probably a product of me beating you every game for over a year - probably 300 races. Even when you finally won? You cheered a little and went to the next race. That's a HUGE trait I will do everything I can to nourish. There will ALWAYS be someone better. Do your best. Learn everything you can. That's how you'll move forward and also be a good human.
Man, these bithday entries are getting more intense as you grow up. My dad wrote me a letter when I turned 13 that I've always kept. Man I hope I can still find it. In some box in the attic. But yeah, that's what these are - I just have this massive project to house them in.
Your dad is weird. ;-) Happy birthday Cambone.
ANYWAY It's CHRISTMAS!!!! I'M SOOO TIRED. Everything is wrapped. We go to Ohio the next day... absolute mayhem coming. Might take me until next year to get caught up.