9:24 AM, Tuesday, November 29th, 2018:
So this actually happened earlier this month but it just seemed silly to show this shit before Thanksgiving. The Greek Theater had a season ending Christmas event and viewing of "Elf" which is very "LA". As an Ohio boy that's all I can think. It's trying desperately to bring a season to this area... and honestly? It kinda works. I mean, we did the sledding part maybe 8 times. It felt exaclty like sledding in Ohio when I was a kid. Sure the moment you get up you're in a parking lot, but once you sit down on the sled you might as well be on a snowy hill. And of course the kids lovvvvvved it.
Interesting note: that's Charlize Theron in the booth next to us. Our kids played with her kids a bit. Very surreal. The kids know her from "That Thing You Do". I didn't tell them until a few days later but they thought it was very cool.
Anyway we watched an hour of Elf and then went home but it was a nice taste of a winter wonderland and now the kids are praying for snow in Columbus when we go next month.
Here's hopin'!