8:45 PM, Saturday, November 26th, 2018:
Every year this weekend is about as good as it gets. I do a similar mash-up of the events from Thanksgiving to getting the tree, the Buckeye game... it's just the best kick-off to the holidays ever. However something happened at Thanksgiving that kind of stopped me in my tracks. I put a 91 year old man (Talya's grandfather) in a virtual reality headset (HTC Vive Pro to boot) and made him cry. After showing him some underwater stuff I let him do the entire Apollo 11 mission (a 90 minute experience) and to say he was gobsmacked is to say the least. It's probably the equivalent of someone seeing moving pictures for the first time. I recorded a bit of it...
...and of course had to throw in some Thanksgiving goodness and Cam's adoration of Pumpkin Pie. Goddamn his eyes are funny in that.
But, I left out the other stuff for now. I have video of it all, I always will... but sometimes something happens that changes you a bit, and well that's the point of this site: what changes my character. Basically, I now know how I'd like to die and I'm excited that VR is improving so much. Presuming I have my sight and hearing, just plug me in for 8 hours a day and let me go everywhere. Do everything. I feel bad I can't set it up for Jack at his house. I mean the Buckeyes just destroyed Michigan (how the fuck?) and I still can't stop thinking about life from his perspective. It's just such a sad time to live through. So plug me in. If I'm in pain give me meds. We have the technology to make your end of life fucking awesome and we don't seem to use it. This isn't even expensive. We're so busy trying to prolong and fix shit due to some hippocratic oath that couldn't see what the end result would be: misery. In fact my grandfather is going through a constant back and forth of curing one problem that will hamper another when all he really wants is to eat potato chips and drink wine. What are we doing? Why are we worrying about someone's salt intake when he's pushing 90? Make him comfortable and fill him with whatever media he likes.

Anyway, I hope I'm in a position to determine this. Don't prolong my death, give me as much life as technology can provide and let me pass. I just hope a grandkid or someone will be able to keep The Journey going. LOL.
Bring on the Christmas season...