9:23 PM, Tuesday, November 20th, 2018:
Man did this video just rock me. This will go back nearly 15 years. Whew.
When I first watched "Lost in Translation" in 2004, I was in a bad place. Things with me and Jess were "ok" but something was "off". We watched this movie and it just smacked me in the heart. One of the most emotional moments watching a movie I've ever had. Every frame resonated for me. I ALREADY felt the dichotamy of being known for something that wasn't you (at the time I thought it would be one of the Egos characters being more famous than me) and the isolation of your family being a phone call or a fax while you were playing a "character" just... I just felt it. The movie ended, I'm in literal tears and Jess says "Well there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back" and got up and went to the kitchen.
I sat in shock. It was like a 2x4. Now, Jess and I did not break up because of a movie, but I knew at the time I was in some serious shit. There were enough differences in how we saw the world and what would eventually make us happy seemed not to coexist. In the end we made the right choice and saved each other a ton of heartache. It's why we remain such good friends to this day: we were honest, we loved each other and knew we'd be happier as friends. But gotttttdamn will I never forget the moment that happened. In my mind it was a crossroads and gave me this sense of urgency to make things right with us... which meant separately.
So now I introduce this video. A video that is incredibly from September... of 2017. I have no idea why this took so long for them to put together but I've checked in with them for awhile and this is really the first time they had it "finished". I put that in quotes because the original file has no opening credits - it's very strange for a TV production... who knows. My piece was over 12 minutes and I cut it down a bit, but I think you'll understand my feelings very quickly...
I've said it so often, but it does bear repeating that this whole "Delorean" thing was supposed to be a fun little "chapter". It's quite clear however for the majority of the people it's going to define me and that is an unbelievably isolating feeling. Depressing really. On the other hand since I work from home my family sees me constantly and that whole angle of "Lost in Translation" doesn't apply - but I have absolutely found myself in hotel rooms for Delorean gigs after just FaceTiming the family and being unbearably depressed. Make of that what you will, but seeing this video just felt eerie considering everything that is housed within this journey.
Oh what a journey it has been... Happy Thanksgiving!