3:30 PM, Thursday, November 15th, 2018:
I'm in fucking shock. I mean, I was there, I shot this, I edited this and when I watch it? I can't believe how incredible it looks. Just... watch:
I've been using that camera since April (Canon XC10) but the difference here? Lighting. I can't believe they let me bring that camera in. Usually any "lensed" camera gets flagged. In fact, I had a similar camera a few years ago and the Staples Center crew CAUGHT me and TOOK my camera (gave it back after). Now I presume since phones have amazing cameras they are a bit more lax? But cell phone camers can NOT make the video I just made. I'm just stunned. Absolutely stunned. I'm probably gonna incorporate some of this into the Fastest Delorean sequel because... well because it's just awesome - and the dude from Ready Player One was there. Crazy.
Dude, stop reading this and rewatch the video again. That's what I'm doing. Holy shit.